The school's paved parking lot is reserved for handicapped or persons with disabilities and vendors.  Parking in the school's dirt lot is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Once the dirt lot is full, participants will need to park in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) parking area on the southwest corner of 14th and Wadsworth Boulevard.  Do NOT park in the neighborhood and areas marked "No Parking."  The HIII OCR is not responsible if your vehicle is towed.


The check-in tent opens at 8 a.m. at the venue.  Arrive early.  Every child must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at the check-in tent. You will sign a waiver and receive your participant t-shirt, race wristband(s), plus participant bag.  You may run multiple laps in the OPEN waves as long as you have a race wristband.  There is NO GEAR CHECK; therefore, you need to make arrangements with friends or family to secure your gear while you race.  HIII OCR is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Pet Policy

For the safety of your pets, please leave your pets at home.


Competitive Waves

The competitive waves are for youth only.  These waves will be timed. Awards will be give to the 1st place overall, 1st place male or female, and "Perfect Run" finishers in each of the three waves:  Jalapeno (0.5-mile), Cayenne (1.5-mile), and Habanero (3-mile).  Each participant will receive four race wristbands: one to identify the course:  Jalapeno (Yellow), Cayenne (Orange), and Habanero (Red), plus three "chances."  If a participant is unable to complete or does not successfully complete an obstacle, the volunteer will cut a "chance" wristband.  An award will be given to participant(s) that finish his/her wave with all three "chance" wristbands or a total of four wristbands (i.e., the perfect run).

Open Waves

The open waves are for youth and adults (i.e., families).  These waves are NOT timed and no additional awards will be given to finishers.  All paid, registered finishers will receive a bottle of water, snack, and medal.  The course distance is the same as the competitive waves and will test participants' physical/mental abilities, be challenging, and tons of fun! Register now an pick your pepper.  Bring on the heat!

(Photo courtesy of The Santa Cruz Food Blog)


Next Steps...

Participants, volunteers, and vendors/sponsors...REGISTER NOW!  Take advantage of the 15% off discount (promotional code HIIIOCR15) available through May 5, 2017. No discounts will be offered event day.