Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Will there be a GEAR CHECK?

There is NO gear check at the event; therefore, you need to make arrangements with friends or family to secure your gear while you race.  HIII OCR is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

What should I wear?

The recommended race clothing is NO COTTON fabric and bring t-shirt,  shorts, socks, as well as layers.

What footwear is recommended?

Old shoes that you do not mind donating at the end or throwing away should be worn.  You will want shoes with good tread and suitable for mud; for example, outdoor running shoes or trail shoes would be ideal.

What else should I bring?

  • Towel:  In the event there is water and mud, a large beach towel is recommended to help dry off after completing your race.  Showers will NOT be provided.
  • Post-Race Clothing:  A change of clothes and shoes are recommended, especially if there is water and mud for an obstacle.
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes, shoes, and towel.
  • Water bottle for hydrating before and after your race.
  • Spending cash!

May I run multiple laps?

Yes, you may run multiple laps as long as you have a participant wristband.

What if I get hurt?

Your safety is our top priority and the courses are designed with this in mind; however, if an injury occurs, there is an onsite paramedic at the event.

Do spectators have to pay?

No, spectators are free so invite all your friends and family to cheer you on race day!

What do registered participants get?

All participants MUST register.  All paid participants will receive a participant t-shirt.  All paid and registered participants that finish his/her wave will receive a medal. Adults and Pimento participants, plus children under the age of 5 years old will NOT receive a t-shirt or medal.  You will also receive a bottle of water and snack.

Where should I park my vehicle?

The school's paved parking lot is reserved for handicapped or persons with disabilities and vendors.  Parking in the school's dirt lot is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Once the dirt lot is full, participants will need to park in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) parking area on the southwest corner of 14th and Wadsworth Boulevard.  Do NOT park in the neighborhood and areas marked "No Parking."  The HIII OCR is not responsible if your vehicle is towed.

What will race day be like?

When you arrive at the HIII OCR and park your vehicle, you will proceed to the registration tent to check-in.  At check-in you will sign a waiver, receive your participant t-shirt, race wristband(s), and participant bag.  After you complete check-in, you may roam around and visit the vendors, food truck, and participate in activities until your wave is called to the start line.  You will:  report to the start line when your wave is called; complete your race; then receive your medal, water, and snack.  You may either run multiple laps (if time permits) or clean-up, then continue participating in activities, as well as visiting the vendors.

I need help registering.

Please send an e-mail to: if you need help registering as a participant, volunteer, or vendor/sponsor.

Do I need to register to run the race with my child(ren)?

Yes, all adults and children 6 years of age or older MUST register in order to receive a t-shirt.  Adults are FREE and may run the race with their child(ren) in the OPEN waves only.  The COMPETITIVE waves are children only.

Will the race still happen with bad weather?

Since Colorado's weather is unpredictable, all types of weather may be expected.  With the exceptions of a down pour of rain and lightening, the HIII OCR fundraiser will be held regardless of weather conditions that Mother Nature wants to give us event day.  If a down pour of rain or lightening occur, the HIII OCR may be cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled.  Your safety is our top priority!

What’s your refund policy?

Refunds will be given--no questions asked--within 7 days prior to race day.

 What if I want a participant t-shirt and medal?

Since adults and Pimento participants are free, they are not receiving a participant t-shirt or medal; however, the participant t-shirt may be purchased online through Eventbrite or event day (depending on availability) for $15 each.  Finisher medals are NOT available for purchase.