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About the HIII OCR Fundraiser

The HIII OCR fundraiser is a one of a kind, unique event specifically designed for children of all ages (i.e., preschoolers through 12th grade), plus adults race for FREE.  The HIII OCR fundraiser offers four courses:  0.25-mile (Pimento), 0.5-mile (Jalapeno), 1.5-mile (Cayenne), and 3-mile (Habanero).  The number of obstacles ranges from 5 to 30+ and the obstacle course event is held on school grounds.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the HIII OCR fundraiser is to:  "promote physical activity for today's youth!" Physical activity helps:

  • Keep children in shape and healthy
  • Develop social, leadership, team-building, and communication skills
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Children excel academics, plus
  • Promote lifelong health and wellness.

By encouraging and teaching our youth today about these physical activity benefits, as well as making healthy food choices, they will become positive role models in adulthood.

2016 HIII OCR Fundraiser Highlights

Below are pictures from the 2016 HIII OCR fundraiser.


Flying Steps

Favorite Obstacle

Participants had to "fly" from one step to another without falling off or touching the ground.


The "Wall"

Most Challenging Obstacle

Participants had to climb over the wall



"Easiest" Obstacle

Participants had to jump over three hurdles.

Next Steps...

Participants, volunteers, and vendors/sponsors...REGISTER NOW!  Take advantage of the 15% off discount (promotional code HIIIOCR15) available through May 5, 2017. No discounts will be offered event day.